Physics 1A detailed description

Physics 1A "Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Mechanics," 5 units.

Lecture/demonstration, four hours; discussion, one hour. Enforced requisites: Mathematics 31A, 31B. Enforced corequisite: Mathematics 32A. Motion, Newton laws, work, energy, linear and angular momentum, rotation, equilibrium, gravitation. P/NP or letter grading.

The topics covered in this class and approximate schedules are listed below. Chapters listed are from Young and Freedman (Sears and Zemansky's) University Physics, 14th edition.

If a course is taught using the online Kudu method, the topics covered should be the same.

Week Chapters Topics covered Optional sections
1 1, 2 Units, vectors, one-dimensional motion 1.5 Uncertainty and significant figures, 1.6 Estimates and orders of magnitude
2 3 Motion in two or three dimensions, projectiles
3 4 Newton's laws of motion
4 5 Applying Newton's laws
5 6 Work and kinetic energy
6 7 Potential energy and energy conservation
7 8 Momentum, impulse, and collisions 8.6 Rocket propulsion
8 9 Rotation of rigid bodies
9 10, 11 Dynamics of rotational motion, equilibrium 10.7 Gyroscopes and precession, 11.4 Stress, strain, 11.5 Elasticity
10 13 Gravitation 13.7 Apparent weight, 13.8 Black holes, skip Ch. 12 Fluid Mechanics